Today, I would like to share with you my first dermal filler experience as it might aid to your bills. I am one of those very common girls who are pretty much conscious about their skin and take a lot of care by hydrating it or apply many different organic or inorganic tactics to save their skin from wrinkles pigmentations etc. I had one of my solutions and it was Revofil Aquashine BR 1ml to eliminate wrinkles.

I had a beautiful skin that everyone admired but life is not always the way you want it to be. I suffered from a life shattering incident before my marriage. While I was cooking for my in laws in the kitchen, suddenly my nephew came and started playing with his toy beside me, he pushed me down and the hot water bowl that I was carrying, spilled away. In a struggle of saving him from burning, I got myself burnt on my hand and a major portion of left cheek. I instantly applied burn-easing cream but it was so severe that it did not go away. I also got myself check by a doctor and the blisters were slowly going away leaving the amount of faded little scars behind. I tried a million remedies, went to see a dermatologist as well, what was left that I did not try but there was no way I was getting those scars removed.

My dermatologist was concerned about my issue and recommended me to use dermal fillers. I overreacted in the start but when I attended a seminar on its awareness, I felt a bit mitigated. Well, the decision of using one for my skin was quite obvious now but there are a variety of fillers available in the market that made me so confused for the choice of it. But I did not have to do anything with the wrinkles or anti-aging my problem lied with the scar that I had. With a few suggestions from people expert in this filed, I made my choice to use Aquashine BR.

It is skin rejuvenating filler that contains hyaluronic acid, Collagen, amino acids and other ECM (extra cellular matrix) naturally occurred in our skin but is lost due to some issues such as outer or inner changes in our body. It deals with skin wrinkles, skin glow and also works best if you have acne scars. I did not have acne scars but my scars were almost similar to acne. It was the best thing I could use for my pigmentation.

I surveyed many websites out of which one I chose for buying products was They are original purveyor, make sure your surgery is done under a completely hygienic environment in the hands of a trustworthy expert.

I observed three weeks of bruising in my skin which doctors claimed to last for two weeks but as my skin is extra sensitive, it lasted for a week more. After the redness was gone, my skin was back to normal, clear and I felt even more brightness in my skin. The first acquaintance went immensely well; it filled my heart with great pleasure.